Gundam Wing Now Available!


Gundam fans rejoice! Nerd Rage Toys is now proud to announce the newest addition to our store, Gundam Wing!

We have a nice selection of pre-order items, with more on the way!

Keep an eye, as we will be stocking the virtual shelves shortly.

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Play Arts Kai Classic Movie RoboCop


Part man. Part machine. All cop. While staying true to the details of the original 1987 design, complex joints like ball and swing joints in the shoulders maximize the range of motion of this RoboCop 1987 Movie Play Arts Kai Action Figure. RoboCop comes equipped with the Auto 9 to recreate his unique shooting pose, blue and purple accents in the paintwork reminiscent of the lighting in the film, and a bevy of accessories that include the terminal strip and interchangeable parts to show his leg holster in its open and closed positions. The RoboCop 1987 Movie Play Arts Kai Action Figure stands nearly 9 1/2-inches tall and includes a display stand.

  • Action figure stands 9 1/2-inches tall and includes a display stand.
  • More articulation than the original design, but still true to the look!
  • RoboCop comes with his Auto 9 and a bevy of accessories!
  • “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”

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30th Anniversary Die Cast Voltron


Commemorate the 30th anniversary of the U.S. release of the giant robot anime series Voltron with this awesome Voltron 30th Anniversary Die-Cast Light-Up Action Figure with Sound Collector’s Set! This die-cast metal action figure set includes the Blue, Red, Black, Green, and Yellow Lion. Combine all 5 action figures to form Voltron, Defender of the Universe! The united lions form an 11-inch tall Voltron with light-up eyes (powered by replaceable batteries) and a very special signature Voltron badge. When Voltron is properly transformed, the badge becomes a key that can be used to activate light and sound features on the display base, including the legendary lion’s roar! The Voltron 30th Anniversary Die-Cast Light-Up Action Figure with Sound Collector’s Set comes with the lion’s mouth blade weapon accessory. The main bodies of each lion are made from die-cast, and the rest of the figure is plastic.

  • 5 lions combine to form a light-up, 11-inch tall die-cast metal Voltron!
  • Signature badge becomes key that activates the lion’s roar sound on display base.
  • Includes individual Blue, Red, Black, Green, and Yellow Lions!

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Alien ReAction 3 3/4″ Figures In-Stock!

reactioonIn 1979, prototypes for 3 3/4-inch action figures for the Alien film were developed but never manufactured by Kenner. After unearthed reference material and original 34-year-old prototypes these “lost toys” are now a reality with Alien ReAction!

The long lost Alien Kenner action figures that never went into production can finally be added to your Kenner and action figure collection! Each action figure comes with approximately 5 points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.

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WWE & Transformers Pre-Orders Available!



Great news toy fans! Nerd Rage Toys is proud to announce the addition of Transformers Generations and WWE figures to our inventory!

Pre-Orders are now available for both lines. These lines are smoking hot right now, so secure your orders while supplies last!


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

blackfriday_logoIts that time of year again. A time when the masses form outside, in the cold, for several hours to score the best deals of the year.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather stay in the comfort of my own home with a nice cup of coffee, and grab some awesome deals with the click of a mouse.

If you’re looking for some of the hottest toys with the best prices, then look no further! Starting at 12pm EST on Black Friday, and continuing through the weekend up through Cyber Monday, we’ll be offering some of the best deals we’ve ever had.

Door-buster deals will include  GI Joe, Star Wars, Marvel Legends, TMNT, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Thundercats, Barnyard Commandos, Food Fighters, Visionaries, and MORE!

The deals start at 12pm EST Black Friday (November 29th) through Cyber Monday (December 1st). The savings will knock your socks off!


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Star Wars Black 3 3/4″ Wave 3 Pre-Orders Now Available!

PREORDERHSA5077ClgThese 3 3/4-inch scale Star Wars action figures feature heroes and villains from across the galaxy! Longtime fans of Star Wars are going to love the great style, bringing returning favorites with new style like you’ve never seen before. Each Star Wars Black Series Action Figure comes individually packaged with terrific accessories like blasters, lightsabers, and removable helmets. Don’t miss this awesome assortment of Star Wars heroes, villains, and more! Ages 4 and up.

This Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Case includes 12 individually packaged Star Wars Action Figures, including:

1x Darth Vader
1x Clone Pilot
1x Stormtrooper
1x Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
1x Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps/Coruscant)
1x Darth Plagueis
1x Merumeru (Wookiee)
1x Clone Commander Neyo
1x Mara Jade Skywalker
1x Luminara Unduli
1x Vizam (Nikto)
1x Mace Windu (Clone Wars)
(subject to change)

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Star Wars Black 6″ Wave 2 Now In-Stock!


Star-wars-black-GreedoBring the next big thing in Star Wars home with the Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 2 Case.

These awesome 6-inch figures are developed in conjunction with Lucasfilm, Hasbro, and Gentle Giant to bring you the highest level of detail and authenticity at a price that can’t be beat. This is your chance to get Boba Fett, Greedo, Slave Leia, and Han Solo as expertly detailed action figures! Each one includes awesome accessories, holsters, and thrilling features. Collect them all, and start your collection here! This Wave 2 case includes 4 individually packaged action figures:

  • 1x Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)
  • 1x Boba Fett (ESB)
  • 1x Han Solo (Star Wars)
  • 1x Greedo

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2013 SDCC GI Joe vs Transformers Set Now Available!

2013_sdcc_gijoe_transformersThese awesome jet and 4×4 vehicles combine the ninja awesomeness of G.I. Joe with the robot action of Transformers! These Comic-Con exclusive vehicles commemorate the Marvel comic series where G.I. Joe and the Transformers fought together. They’re packed with combat gear and they come with special Snake Eyes, Decepticon Bludgeon, Decepticon Ravage and Baroness figures for amazing ninja-robot action!

Jetfire vehicle has removable booster engines, pivoting wings and retractable landing gear! Autobot Hound 4×4 vehicle has swiveling cannons and gatling gun. Opening hood! Autobot Blaster figure is shaped like a boombox and comes with 3 mini-cassettes. Snake Eyes figure is an Autobot ninja. Bludgeon figure is a samurai robot. Ravage figure is shaped like a panther robot. Includes Baroness figure.

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